A Fashion Haul: Sales

2016-07-13 11.26.37 2.jpg

Summer months are incredible for many reasons, but they had me at sales. I love a good bargain but I don´t like overcrowded shops –do you see my problem here? Being the indecisive person I am there´s just too much to choose from the only possibility I have is to roll up the sleeves, dig in and pray for the better.. Continue reading

Things I´m Loving

2016-06-09 10.37.58 1.jpg

And the only thing I know about this is that I´ve been gravitating around these four things lately without knowing how to stop. Settling down for something is difficult and even more if you have more than one choice, but sometimes it goes like this, a blinding sparkle just guides you to the same place and you know it´s the right thing to do..   Continue reading