Blogmas Day #9: What I´m Taking To Madrid

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I´m leaving for Madrid in less than 20 hours, say what? My sister and I have decided to share our obssesion for the city and make this a yearly thing -we will be coming back on Christmas for the rest of our lifes..

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La France Est L’Amour

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So I had this post scheduled for a long time ago but it never went life. My sister and I were supposed to go on holidays to France last summer but in the end it didn’t work out. It’s funny to see how things change, I was very excited to go on a trip with her and we were eager to see each other –this happened when I was about to leave Belfast back in July..  Continue reading

I Could Fly To Florence Myself

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Thoughts on the night before my flight to Florence. Standard pattern in all of my travels, my sleep is messy and my mind spins. Also, I’m really obsessed with my passport.

23:30 PM

God, I thought it was at least five in the morning, almost time to get up. How long had it been since the last time I woke up right after I fall asleep thinking it was time to get up again? I think I was still a kid. I’m too tired to keep thinking, tomorrow will be a busy day for sure.. Continue reading