Keeping My Hair Healthy After A Chop


So last week I decided I needed a hair cut and just like that I left my mother took the scissors to give my hair a decent trim. *Disclaimer*: my mother is not a hairdresser, however, she always cuts my hair to get rid off split ends –this time she took the hairdresser’s role too seroiusly. I’ve always been a huge advocate of long hair but the past few months my hair was looking very messy, dry and in need of a cut. And I’ve never been happier to have short hair –what’s wrong with me? It feels soft, has more volume, dries faster and I can definitely work with it better than with my long hair.. Continue reading

Grocery Shopping On A Budget

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After all my ramblings about how wonderful it is to live at your own place, the post about not so wonderful things was due to come. Yes, I’m talking cooking. I’m taking organization, I’m taking sharing a small kitchen with three flatmates, but most of all I’m talking how to become as perfect as my mum is managing all this things from day to night.. Continue reading

Two Steps For A Non Frizzy Hair

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You’ve heard by now all of my ramblings about having frizzy unmanageable hair. I get lots of volume when the weather is humid, and I’m not even gonna mention what it happens when it rains –my friends are sick of me complaining about this, because you see, I’m so lucky in Bilbao rains 24/7. You also now I’m always chasing new products that can help me with this situation, and lately I’ve discovered a new routine to make my hair able to kick the rainiest day.. Continue reading

Three For Dry Eyes

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Si como yo, usáis lentillas, y además estáis acostumbradas a pasar demasiadas horas en el ordenador, sabréis que es una combinación mortal que hace que al final del día parezca que llevas tres días de fiesta seguidos. Si al contrario no lleváis lentillas –life is sooo unfair, pero si estáis enganchadas al ordenador igualmente, seguid leyendo, esta entrada es para todas..

Continue reading

Saving A Cold

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Lo menos glamuroso de las navidades. Detrás de las fotos en instagram de árboles (naturales –of course) navideños, mesas kilométricas bien decoradas y parejitas felices en Nochevieja (puaj) está lo que todas evitamos pero al final, tarde o temprano, nos acaba cogiendo: la gripe. Continue reading