My Favourite Makeup Tools

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This is a post about brows and eyelashes, embracing the lazy girl inside me and dichting makeup for the day..  Continue reading


5 Tips To Overcome The Writer´s Block

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My writting process usually goes like this: open draft, panic about it, sip on a glass of water several times -#hydration- , watch some youtube videos in between and panic again at the emptiness of the blog post..  Continue reading

How To Make Friends Abroad

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The fact that as a child you can be friends with another child that you have just met, and you don’t even have to know their name because you just want to play with them and have fun is some of the things I miss from being a kid, won’t even mention how good it was not having resposabilities at all.. Continue reading

Prepping For Life Abroad: The Malta Edit


Just 24 hours to land in Malta. Easy to say, huh? I’m kind of excited to arrive there, see the city, my workplace, a little bit of everything really. As I’ve been packing my life away throughout this week, I thought I’d share with you some tips, important things to keep in mind and a some kind of living abroad advise for you.. Continue reading