The Bronzer I Will Be Using All Summer

summer bronzer makeup revolution

Because as much as I´m trying to get a healthy glow, my will cannot fight my genetics. I was born to be pale, maybe a lil bit darker during summer days but stop it there. I remember that time when I was darker than ever only because I spent three weeks under the scorching Maltese sunshine.. Continue reading


Summer Makeup: The Menorca Edit

menorca summer makeup sephora nars

By the time this goes up I´ll be laying in the sun, dipping in the pool and eating lots of watermelon. If you´re still in the office, or stuck in the city for any other reason, I´m feeling it for you..

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Cooking For Two + The Ultimate Cous Cous Salad

2016-04-17 03.59.35 1.jpg

If you happen to live alone, you will know that there’s never a perfect way of cooking for one. You just don’t. Cooking for one simply doesn’t exist, you know the voice inside your head will always encourage you to pour a little bit more of what you are cooking just in case.. Continue reading