A Few Autumn Favourites

Autumn favourites.jpg

The world marks the start of Autumn in September, most likely when tree leaves start to turn yellow and summer breeze spins into a rather cold in your face air. To me, however, fall season began the day I wore socks to sleep because my feet were freezing.. Continue reading

A Fashion Haul: Sales

2016-07-13 11.26.37 2.jpg

Summer months are incredible for many reasons, but they had me at sales. I love a good bargain but I don´t like overcrowded shops –do you see my problem here? Being the indecisive person I am there´s just too much to choose from the only possibility I have is to roll up the sleeves, dig in and pray for the better.. Continue reading

On My Wrist

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I’ve always been a watch lover, ever since I learnt how to read the hours. If you saw me, with no doubt I would be wearing one. You may remember a post I did almost one year ago about a beautiful watch my mum send me when I was in Belfast. Well, it was beautiful but stopped working within a few months.. Continue reading