Notes On Glossier´s Milky Jelly Cleanser

glossier milky jelly cleanser pink pouch review

The day came and I finally got to use the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser everyone loves. In general: I like it. Very much. But do I love it? Still figuring that out..

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Glossier Skincare Haul

glossier skincare

If you read my previous post on what I got for Christmas, you will know. I finally got a little Glossier taste and am a proud pink pouch owner, as you can see.. Continue reading

Testing Lately: 100% Pure Rosehip Oil

pure rosehip oil

Last week was the first day of November it finally smelled like Christmas. Please don´t make me describe what Christmas smells like because if you know, you know. It´s also that time of the year where my skin loves some extra attention, when it gets dry and itchy, red and just wants some all over pamper..  Continue reading