A Little Menorca Update

menorca sunset summer

Sometimes I´m thankful I started this blog almost four -was it five?- years ago. I love talking, and I love writing. I keep my own personal diary, but sometimes I just feel like I need to share things around here, maybe looking for some kind of support I can´t get right here right now..

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Happy Father´s Day! What Makes Your Dad The Best?

2016-03-12 04.02.41 1.jpg

Today it´s father´s day in Spain and I have to say, I have the best dad in the world. Really, ask my siblings, they will agree with me. My dad is the best. Aren’t they all? I love him, very much. Sometimes I feel like I may look I’m more attached to my mom –which is probably true- but I still need my dad around like a little baby.. Continue reading