A Touch Of Blue

rimmel blue eyeliner makeup eyes

This post comes just in time because I am feeling blue indeed. Used this two weekends ago, and maybe I still have some of it on my lids..  Continue reading


What´s In My Makeup Bag

2016-09-23 11.04.05 1.jpg

“I should start packing” said no one ever. A rather nervous knock on the door from my sister, a quick chat about whether we should really bring heels or not makes everything clear: maybe shoving it all in the suitcase isn´t a bad idea after all.. Continue reading

When Green Meets Brown Eyes


For years I have been wondering why on earth I didn’t inherit my granddad’s green eyes. They were beautiful and I was always rather jealous of them. Now, years later, me and my plain brown eyes fight for a little attention and there is where the green eye pencil starts to play.. Continue reading