Winter Recipe: Lentils With Veggies

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I can’t remember when was the last time I posted a recipe in Carlotarules. It was probably in Belfast, but not many things have changed food wise in this time. I’m still a lazy cook but I like my food healthy and yummy, so that’s how I came up with this plate that you will probably love as much as I do.. Continue reading

Walnut Sponge Cake


I love cake. But is there something better than a non expected cake? Don’t think so. The other day my brother’s girlfriend came around with this walnut sponge cake goodness and I couldn’t help but ask for the recipe just after the first bite –I had to test it just in case it was poisonous. If you are fancying something sweet, see below the how to recipe.. Continue reading

A Quick Recipe: Fig Jam


Confession: figs can probably be my favourite fruit ever. Apart from watermelon. And apart from strawberries. And custard apples. Love those. But figs, figs are my weakness. Now is the perfect season to eat them and my aunt was kind enough to make us some fig jam, 100% natural.. Continue reading

Two Meal Ideas For Busy Bees

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I am loving this living by my own thing. Coming home and having your own place is just the best. However, one thing I didn’t think of much when I dreamt about this was meals. I guess I never worried because in my house there is always ready-to-eat food, so I just lived for the moment haha. Continue reading