Self Update #2: Stress In, Stress Out.

2016-01-10 12.40.05 1.jpg

I’m a stressful person. I’m always stressed, whether I want it or not. Sometimes I don’t even know why but I can feel the stress creeping through my body. I wonder if I will ever be able to control it. Is that even a possibility? Can you control something that is already controlling you? Okay, less thinking, I’m starting to stress over this.. Continue reading

Self Update #1: Negative.

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As part of my new Carlotarules makeover –nothing too rad, just a few changes– I decided I would go a bit personal from time to time on the blog. My mind is always rushing with different thoughts, and sometimes the best way for me to let them go is to sit down and start typing.. Continue reading

The Best Of The Capricorn Horoscopes


Illustration by PaulaBlogs

Here’s a big confession: I’m a bit of an horoscope addict. I know, it’s crazy, off topic, and can lead to delusional situations but what can I do if I like to feed my mind with both insane and absurd predictions that will surely never happen. Then again a part of me is a strong believer too much and reading what my future will bring is rather amusing.. Continue reading