The Comino Cruise


If you looked at me during the cruise, I´d probaly be gawping all the time with my mouth open. The island just screams for it. Turquoise water, cute little fish and endless of dreamy caves is what you´ll get when visiting comino.. Continue reading

Cheap & Healthy: Piadina Café in Valleta


As much as I love fancy restaurants, little café’s will always keep a place in my heart. I’ve seen too many Instagram snaps of cute streets with hidden places not to have some kind of a thing for them.. Continue reading

Summer Travel Bucket List

BenQ Digital Camera

It’s only been one week of spring, which means it’s about time to start looking for some warm and lovely places to spend the summer at. What do I want? Sun, beach and relax. Maybe some wandering after the beach, but that’s it. My sister and I are looking for some small not busy place, where we can spend the days under salty water and the evenings drinking several glasses of white wine –yep, that’s how we do it. Continue reading