Best Summer Lipsticks

summer lipsticks

I spent last night tossing around bed because it is so hot I get myself to sleep. I need to buy a fan asap and I´ve been putting it of for too long. But this is what we wanted, right? Last weekend was the first one it felt like summer so honestly I´m just complaining for nothing.. Continue reading


H&M Velvet Lip Cream Le Beau Monde

2016-08-01 10.54.32 1.jpg

My mom would always wear red lips when I was little. That fearless look was my favourite, even if it was only for the fleeting special occasions when she decided to put on her favourite lipstick.. Continue reading

Did I Find My Perfect Lipstick?


I think so. A time from here I’ve been thinking what is the lipstick I’ve been reaching out for the most, and I’ve realize I always go for the same one. I know as soon as I say this a lot of you will think I’m crazy –which is true-, but I still haven’t found a red lipstick that suits me. Actually, I feel like red lips are not made for me.. Continue reading