Sephora Flame Red Lip Stain Review

sephora lip cream review perfect red

There´s two things that make my night out outfit complete: black skinny jeans and a red lip. After many years of nude lips -and by nude I mean bare- it has come the day were I cannot go out with a naked mouth.. Continue reading

The Perfect Dark Lips: Kiko Asian Touch Lip Liner

kiko asian touch lip pencil review

It´s no secret I´m a huge dark lips advocate since like, forever. Dark my matte lips, that´s my vibe, that only I have just owned a few months ago, because it´s winter and that´s the thing to do..

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Sephora Sales Haul

sephora summer haul red lips white nails

Office days are finally coming to an end, I can see myself laying in Menorca coves while the sea rocks me to sleep. Yes, that is my goal and nothing is stopping me from it. But before the calm comes the storm,  and no body can save from the endless shifts I´m going through until next week..

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My Top Tip For Perfect Red Lips

tips for perfect red lips mary kay nyx lipstick lipliner

My hands are usually steady until it involves applying lipstick. In that case, my heartbeat starts to increase, my palms get sweaty and my hands shake. No, it´s not a rendition on Emininem´s Lose Yourself (althought that´d be pretty sick), it´s just me trying to get my lipstick right..  Continue reading