My Go To Face Moisturizers: Kiehl´s & Sephora

favourite moisturizers sephora skincare kiehls

It was Spring last week and it is winter again, there´s no way anyone can handle this madness, nevermind my skin. Not to talk about the frustration of walking out in a bright sunshine and coming back to a dark sky..

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Beginners Guide To Skincare

beginners skincare guide kiehl´s sephora origins natural

This is me in a an attempt of tutoring you through skincare basics. I´m a self processed skincare addict and I am advocate of healthy clear skin. Also, I probably know a few things after a few years of beauty writing and hit and miss´.. Continue reading

Beauty Trend: Double Cleansing

beauty trend double cleansing rituals khiels la roche posay

Minimalism comes to me in waves, for example, I have been looking for little and simple tattos to much with my sister dismissing previous ideas that involved bigger -but no better-  doodles. Same for skincare, I´ve been through periods where I used hundreds of products to periods where I stuck to cleanser and moisturizer.. Continue reading