On My Wrist

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I’ve always been a watch lover, ever since I learnt how to read the hours. If you saw me, with no doubt I would be wearing one. You may remember a post I did almost one year ago about a beautiful watch my mum send me when I was in Belfast. Well, it was beautiful but stopped working within a few months.. Continue reading

An Earring Love..



Lately I’ve been quite obsessed with helix piercings. I’ve always loved them, but after I saw a picture on pinterest of one girl wearing a heart shaped earring I was totally sold -woah, pinterest has such an influence on me.. In fact, if everything goes as planned, I’ll be probably getting one of these soon. But for now, I’ll just get along with seeing these pictures and convincing myself the pain will be worth it..

On My Hands..

BenQ Digital Camera

If I have another obsession apart from beauty, that is rings. I love looking at rings, I love trying on rings and I love wearing rings. But, you see, there is also a contradiction, because I don’t use them on a daily basics. I often put a ring on my fingers on special occasions, or if I’m going out.. Continue reading