My New Bimba & Lola Bag

bimba y lola bolso bag fashion vogue

Sometimes you just have to be grateful for things in life, such as having a friend living in Madrid who also happens to live in the flat with best natural light I´ve ever seen. Maybe simply a good thing for the rest of mortals, but important as f*ck for bloggers like moi who crave  the perfect exposure..

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The Faux Mansur Gavriel Bag


I’ve been obsessed with the Mansur Gavriel bag since I first saw it –I even did a post on it and a more affordable dupe- and I finally got my hands in a very much look a like one. It’s a faux one but let’s be honest, I would have to sell both kidneys and still be in debt to buy one authentic, and on the other hand, although I love the style and cut, I’m not sure about the leather thing.. Continue reading

What’s In My Bag: Working Edition

BenQ Digital Camera

Inspired by the lovely Beth from Ginger n’ Roses, I decided to throw everything out of my bag and show you the mysteries inside it. But instead of showing you my usual handbag –which is small and not interesting- I thought I showed you my working bag where the juicy stuff is.. Continue reading