Klorane Myrtle Extract Shampoo Review

klorane myrtle shampoo

Okay so after long hiatus, this blog is back. I was missing A LOT writing about my favourite things: beauty and mind wanders. I´m back, fully charged, and hopefully for a long time..

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Phytoelixir Mask Review

phyto ultra hydrating hair mask

Following my post introducing you my latest hair care addition, I thought I´d share a little review on the mask that´s make my hair come back to life again..

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Aroms Natur Rosehip Shampoo Review

aroms nature rosehip oil shampoo

Trying out new shampoos makes me genuinely happy. I could try them all. It sucks though I only wash my hair two times a week, so all of my haircare lasts me ages, which is a good thing but also makes it impossible to try new things without letting aside others..

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Currently Testing: Phyto Repairing Mask

phyto hair care natural

I am totally having a moment with my hair, not to say I am totally obsessed with hair care. Last Sunday I was incredibly tempted to buy more shampoos (as if I needed more!) but backed down with the excuse I already have enough and payday is still far far away..

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