2018 Beauty Favorites

beauty favorites

I was thinking if this post had actually sense, since it´s already February (like how is that even possible??). But then someone told me my blog looked lovely and it was the ego induced push I needed to start writing again. Yes, this is a beauty favourites 2018 round up, two months later, but with all the good stuff… Continue reading

Sensitive Skin: What I Do When I Have a Break Out

sensitive skin breakout

I like to think my skin is rather good, a tiny bit oily on my T-zone and normal-ish on the rest. However, it´s sometimes so so so delicate to other factors such as new products, weather changes and random life situations (see: stress).. Continue reading

My Favourite Multitasking Beauty Products

multitasking beauty products

My beauty routine consists on five minutes in the morning to do my skincare and another five to do my makeup. The challenge is real. I´m constantly going through a million things at the same time so I can´t be bother to use different things when there can be one product that meets everything..

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