Current Skincare Routine

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You might have seen my tweets complaining about my face lately -think of every important thing you are missing if you don´t follow me on twitter though- it´s starting to look like a serious problem my complexion looks closer to a dry potato than anything else ..

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My Mom´s Skincare Routine

skincare routine

My mom, my biggest fan. Ever since I started blogging, she has been a loyal supporter, always there. In all of the almost 400 posts –phew, that wasn´t easy to say- she has never done anything but praise my work. It was only about time to give her some space in Carlotarules.. Continue reading

Things I´m Loving

2016-06-09 10.37.58 1.jpg

And the only thing I know about this is that I´ve been gravitating around these four things lately without knowing how to stop. Settling down for something is difficult and even more if you have more than one choice, but sometimes it goes like this, a blinding sparkle just guides you to the same place and you know it´s the right thing to do..   Continue reading