Essence Nails: Black Is Back

essence cruelty free nail polish black

In fact, black has never been in. But lately, it’s been having a strong influence in my life..

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The Autumn Mani Edit

2016-09-19 10.42.55 1.jpg

Raise your hand if you were a six year old kid obsessed with your granma painting your nails every time you had a chance. That´s right, Sunday meals at my grandparent´s house was only a nice excuse for my granny to make magic to my nails.. Continue reading

Christmas Make Up Menu


Make up in Christmas is probably my favourite along with summer inspired make up. I feel like everything is allowed, and as a big glitter lover I can´t wait to dip myself into a huge bowl of glitter so I can shine as bright as a diamond. And although that would be cool, I don´t think my mom would be okay with having shimmer everywhere, so I´ll just stick to my eyes instead.. Continue reading

Essence Nail Polish Collection: Favourites


You will probably know by now that I don’t practically own any nail polish that is not from Essence (quite ridiculous considering I’m supposed to be a beauty blogger). But when it comes to nail varnishes I just can’t help but have an inside war between my needs and my wallet every time I go shopping.. Continue reading

Summer White Nails


Since the beginning of summer I’ve been looking for the perfect white nail polish. A real white, one not too sheer but also one that doesn’t look like I’ve dipped my fingernails in Tippex. My love for pastel colour nails is well known, so I needed to give a go to white nails. I then spotted the Essence nail polish stand, picked this one up and rushed home to test it.. Continue reading