My Three Product Makeup Face

three product makeup face

It´s my birthday party celebration in a month and you bet I am already planning every detail. This may also be an excuse to justify my addiction to insta recipe videos. There´s this one of a three ingredient brownie that is just unvelieblabe.. Continue reading

Christmas Make Up Menu


Make up in Christmas is probably my favourite along with summer inspired make up. I feel like everything is allowed, and as a big glitter lover I can´t wait to dip myself into a huge bowl of glitter so I can shine as bright as a diamond. And although that would be cool, I don´t think my mom would be okay with having shimmer everywhere, so I´ll just stick to my eyes instead.. Continue reading

Essence Nail Polish Collection: Favourites


You will probably know by now that I don’t practically own any nail polish that is not from Essence (quite ridiculous considering I’m supposed to be a beauty blogger). But when it comes to nail varnishes I just can’t help but have an inside war between my needs and my wallet every time I go shopping.. Continue reading