What´s In My Bag: Updated

parfois what´s in my bag

I was probably a three old when I first started having a look at people´s bags. I was a cute baby but also a creepy one as you can see. Years later, it´s the same me, a few years older but with the same essence: me loves to take a glance at purses, and bags, and even notebooks.. Continue reading


What´s In My Makeup Bag

2016-09-23 11.04.05 1.jpg

“I should start packing” said no one ever. A rather nervous knock on the door from my sister, a quick chat about whether we should really bring heels or not makes everything clear: maybe shoving it all in the suitcase isn´t a bad idea after all.. Continue reading

A Little Love For Minis


I love a good mini sample. You are able to test the product without spending too much money, you can toss them anywhere a.k.a about to burst travelling bags and they look cute. I´ve gathered my favourite ones so here is a little peek into the minis I always try to keep with me.. Continue reading

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

BenQ Digital Camera

These days my skin has been looking rather dull, in part due to the weather and in part due to a cold I’ve been dragging since the weekend. That, mixed with a lack of interest in a proper skincare routine –I’ve been just using my Garnier micellar water as a cleanser, lazy girl alert-, has left my skin shouting S.O.S. Continue reading