Zara Home Sales Haul

zara home sales haul candle fig

The bedroom makeover crusade is still going on. The thing has been in standby for several weeks, after I got my new desk I kind of feel in love with it and forgot everything else.. Continue reading

Oysho Does Candles

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My intentions with my bedroom are simple: make it the most pinterest like room ever possible while keeping my mum happy with a perfectly arranged space. Clean clothes hanging on the chair along with to wash clothes have their days count.. Continue reading

Zara Home Green Herbs Candle

BenQ Digital Camera

Unless you are a new reader of this blog –welcome! – , you will probably know by now how much I love candles and home fragrances. I honestly think they make such a difference between a house and home, and since I’m still living with my parents, all I can do is experiment with some candles until I find my own place.. Continue reading

Zara Home Ginger Lily Candle

BenQ Digital Camera

Update: English version here

Algo que me encanta son las velas. Seguramente influenciada por mi madre, que siempre le han gustado. Aprovechando las fiestas, mi hermana y yo le regalamos por navidades la vela Ginger Lily de Zara Home, y si soy sincera, estaba deseando probarla.. Continue reading