A Bit Of A Different Mindset

bourdeaux summer holidays black and white

Fort the last few months I´ve been thinking like.. a lot; about growin up, changes, goals and life. Wanting to do something else but never been the right moment..  Continue reading


Summer Is Over, Hello Autumn!

zara pink culottes

I was unsure whether or not to make a typical comeback blog post talking you through my summer and what I´ve been up to. Eventually made up my mind, and although I want to kee it very short and simple, here ya go..  Continue reading

My Desk Side Beauty


If there is something I can’t help but do when I’m working on my blog is to procrastinate. I’m a great procrastinator if I do say so myself. I try to keep my working desk as clean and organized as possible to avoid any kind of distraction, but I always keep is some go to beauty products to hand so I don’t have an excuse to stand up and go straight forward to the fridge for a not necessary snack.. Continue reading