Things I’ve Learnt From One Year Of Blogging


One year and a couple of months actually. And for that reason I decided to put together this post and share with you some blogging advice that you could use any time. Maybe you are thinking of starting a blog, maybe you have already one. But the thing is that we all need some pushing sometimes, and honestly I love reading this kind of posts myself. Get comfy ’cause this is gonna be a loong one.. Continue reading

The Top Posts Revisited

top posts

I’ve been thinking a while about doing this post and thought it was time I changed some things. Considering my most read posts are in Spanish, and since changing the blog language to English, I thought I would translate them just so everyone can read and enjoy them. I have only translate two for now, but If you have any suggestions just let me know!

Zara Home Ginger Lily Candle

A Review: L’oreal Paris Ever Liso

The Apps A Blogger Needs

BenQ Digital Camera

Siendo nueva en esto de blogear, he decidido excribir esta entrada para contaros las apps que tengo en mi móvil y que uso cuando no tengo un ordenador a mano. No son necesariamente de uso exclusivo para bloggers, pero creo que hacen más fácil organizarse. Además, ¿qué haríamos sin ellas cuando esperamos al metro o bus? Continue reading