My New Bimba & Lola Bag

bimba y lola bolso bag fashion vogue

Sometimes you just have to be grateful for things in life, such as having a friend living in Madrid who also happens to live in the flat with best natural light I´ve ever seen. Maybe simply a good thing for the rest of mortals, but important as f*ck for bloggers like moi who crave  the perfect exposure..

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What My Sister Got For Christmas

bimba y lola lancome skincare glitter watercolour

Just part II of the Christmas gifts extravaganza. To be fair, these are solely my favourite picks, the things I really believe define my sister..

Which are also things I got her myself, so obviously I must like them. The Artful Watercolour book was her choice, she´s potentially becoming a master in watercolour arts. That had me thinking see would need something to keep all her stuff, so the Bimba & Lola pouch came too handy. Being winter she was having a nightmare with her skin -dry and patchy- so I went to Sephora and see what they got up to. This Lancome Energie De Vie serum sounded -and looked- good. We tend to avoid buying each other clothes, we both hate spending extra money when sales are just around the corner, however sometimes the call is too intense to ignore. We saw this Bershka two-in-one cami back in Madrid, she adored it and I went to the store in Bilbao for it.

I am depressed because Christmas season is nearly over. And I don´t want to deal with real life yet.