My Favourite Exfoliating Masks

gentle sensitive skin exfoliating masks

A soft drop of temperatures is what I needed this week. Finally I got a few good days of sleep, and this more than average week seemed a bit better. Following to my skincare in the heat can be tricky, there´s a lot of laziness in my body and slathering the creams on 30 degrees is not that cool. There´s always a silver lightning, hot weather=less reactive skin…  Continue reading

Blogmas Day #22: Holiday Ready Skincare Favourites

sephora avene skincare real techiniques vogue

Let aside how incredible it would be to have your face covered in glitter like the model in that Vogue photoshoot -actual goals. There´s however an easier way to get the glow, diverting the gaze from the ever mesmerizing shimmer, diving into skincare.. Continue reading