Clinique High Impact Mascara Rewiew

clinique high impact mascara

I can’t stop thinking about a tweet that said: why do mascara ads always somehow relate to sex? Benefit better than sex I’m looking right at you. I mean, is it possible that, maybe, hipothetically, having your lashes on point could give you the same feeling? Continue reading

My Two Favourite Clay Masks

Because I don´t mind slapping on any kind of product on my face or body, doing a clay mask is just fun for me. I know it can be messy sometimes, and I do feel lazy any other day, but I deep down know a clay mask will not only cleanse my face but also my mind..

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Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum Revisited

estee lauder advance night serum

I used to crawl into my mum´s bathroom shelve curious on the jars and creams hanging on there. Now my mom has never been a beauty junkie -unlike me- but she´s always cared about her skin. A real Clinique fan, I remember she has never changed her skincare routine as much as I do, if something works for her she sticks to it..

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