Two Skincare Products That Have Changed My Skin

pixi glow tonic la roche posay effaclar

If you´ve followed this blog for a while, you´ll know that in this house we cleanse, exfoliate, apply serum and moisturize every single day from the beginning of times. But you´ll also know, sometimes I just wanna scream f*ck it as I go to bed (God forgive me) with my makeup on after a really long day -or night.. Continue reading

Australian Gold Bronzing Intensifier Review

australian gold intensifyer

I can´t believe I am today´s years old I discovered the key to a perfect tan. Ideally, I´d sunbathe right beside the pool to a perfect golden skin. Ideally. Real world, it takes ages for my skin to tan, only just enough to give myself a healthy summer glow.. Continue reading