The Belfast Diaries #5: The Continental Market

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I just think my goal in life is to assist as many markets as I possibly can. I just love taking a look over them, they are always full of people and you can find really good things. This market in particular was a foodie one, with plates from all over the world and lasted three days, which is pretty good. Keep reading if you want to take a quick world trip.. Continue reading

The Belfast Diaries #3: One Month In Belfast Round Up

belfast diaries 3

One month in Belfast already! Time is seriously flying here. This week though, I’ve been feeling a little bit under the weather, feeling rather homesick. However, my sister is coming visit me in a month so I’m still happy. I must say I’m so content in my internship. I really think I’m learning, it’s good to see all the backstage stuff you can’t see about an online fashion brand and all the work it requires to take up a stance in the fashion business.. Continue reading

The Belfast Diaries #2: The Ulster Museum and Mum’s Day

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Week three in Belfast completed! Time is going so fast I can´t believe it’s already been almost a month here.. This week we have finally seen Belfast weather in all its glorious charm. It has been really cold, and the weekend was only about to get worst. If you follow me on twitter you will know that I already broke one umbrella, but what you don’t know is that later that day I went shopping, bought another one and break it again just a day later –blame it on the wind.. Continue reading

The Belfast Diaries #1: The Titanic Museum


Last weekend we decided to do a bit of Belfast sightseeing and we headed over to the Titanic museum. If like me you didn’t know, the Titanic was built in Belfast –I know, mind blown. The weather was beautiful and we had the chance to take nice photos and enjoy a walk from our house to the museum. It was very fun, but neither of us wanted to actually go inside the museum –the tickets are 15£ and we are unpaid interns, sad but true.. Continue reading