French Pharmacy: Filorga Crème Universelle Review

filorga multipurpose cream review

After a few posts rambling non-stop about this certain moisturizer it was clear I needed to tell you a little bit more about it before preaching it even more..

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Christmas Skincare Detox Routine

christmas skincare detox

Detox here, deox there. It´s one of my favourite words ever because it can refer to so many things. Too much food? Detox. Too much makeup? Detox. Too much tequila? Well, there´s not enough detox for that..

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Skin & Body Season Add-Ons

winter skincare body care natural vegan

If anyone is wondering, Madrid is freaking freezing. It´s been two weeks since temperatures have dropped to minimum, and my skin is definitely not taking it. It´s a good thing though that at least is sunny almost everyday, I am slowly becoming a sunflower looking for some sunshine lately..

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