Rituals Brilliant Bliss Shampoo Review

rituals shampoo cruelty free shine hair

For the girls that were blessed with perfect frizz-free hair, this one is for you. Firstly, I am not one of you, and secondly, how dare you. Seriously. I, a simple mortal, am still trying to figure out how to manage my locks..  Continue reading


The Catrice Sentive Eyes Mascara

catrice sensitive eyes mascara cruelty free makeup

A few weeks ago I did a little haul on cruelty free makeup and promised a review on the things I bought. I´ve been however so inconsistent with the blog, kinda forgetting about kinda fallling out of it that I didn´t actually have the chance to sit down and tell you about it..  Continue reading

Yves Rocher Anti-Redness Cream Review

skincare yves rocher sensitive skin real techniques

I am terrible at doing my own makeup, I can finally come clean about that. One-shadow-does-it-all is my ultimate look, and blusher and bronzer never seemed easier. Which may be the reason behind me relying more and more on skincare for the past months..  Continue reading