A Review: Very Vegan Foundation

very vegan foundation review

It was jotted down in my blog journal I was supposed to write a review on this foundation, but obviously that didn´t work out. I just continued using it, daily, on nights outs, on hungover days, like the only foundation I owned (actually true)..

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Sephora Flame Red Lip Stain Review

sephora lip cream review perfect red

There´s two things that make my night out outfit complete: black skinny jeans and a red lip. After many years of nude lips -and by nude I mean bare- it has come the day were I cannot go out with a naked mouth.. Continue reading

Pre Christmas Kiko Makeup Haul

kiko makeup haul cruelty free vegan christmas

Still battling holidays blues since last weeks five free days, there´s a feeling inside me that makes me eager for Christmas and spending sometime in my hometown. This is what it feels like to be with my sister again, after she leaves I can´t think properly..

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