The Sample Life: Hair Edit

klorane volumen shampoo conditioner with magnolia brilliant hair cruelty free

My favourite shampoo in travel sized pockets is what dreams are made of. My hair, thick and untameable, is as rebelious as myself anytime I don´t get enough attention. It gets clingy, dry and does not allow anyone´s touch.. Continue reading

My New Haircare Routine

klorane haircare routine natural healthy

Christmas presents stretch to no limits. It´s February 2nd and I´m still talking about them, is it because I wish it was Christmas again to stuff my face with food? Maybe. More over, I´d like to be on holidays and press reset..  Continue reading

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment Review

redken extreme antisnap treatment damaged hair

I used to have almost ground touching hair when I was a kid, my mum would rarely tell me I needed a cut (she loved brushing my hair at nights). A few awful haircuts –you know, the ones where the coiffeur takes more creative licenses than permitted and gives you a pixie cut for no reason-  were enough to make me take care of my own locks..

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