Dr. Jart Ceramidin Serum Review

dr jart ceramidin

I´m completely sure there´s something wrong with my skin at the moment. It´s usually been pretty clear and moisturized, but lately it feels and looks like it´s gone ages since I last applied any skincare to it..

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Phytoelixir Mask Review

phyto ultra hydrating hair mask

Following my post introducing you my latest hair care addition, I thought I´d share a little review on the mask that´s make my hair come back to life again..

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The Ultimate Wet And Wild Bronze Eye Shadow

wet and wild bronze eyeshadow

You know me, a classy girl that rarely changes her makeup. Swimming between the rich bronze colours and sometimes breaking the hegemony with some blues or greens, the non spoken code is you will see me wearing bronze tanned eyes almost always.. Continue reading

The Very Vegan Brush I Can´t Stop Using

w7 very vegan brush

My mum does the best presents ever, she always knows what I want even when I don´t. They are my fave because they are always a surprise, like when she gave me a little makeup haul with the only bronzer/blush/powder brush I own, from Yves Rocher of course..

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