Blogmas Day #19: “Eat Your Greens” Salad Recipe

winter salad chirstmas vegan

Who knew you could eat salads in winter. Usually the cold makes me wanna curl up bed with a huge mug of soup and stay there all day, but there are those times when I crave the greens..

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Blogmas Day #7: Easiest Nutella Cookies

nutella cookies chocolate tasty food

Me in the kitchen again to show you that anything is possible. Can´t tell if this is just begginers luck or that I´m really improving my skills but it´s a fact I finally made a batch of edible cookies -at last..  Continue reading

Cooking For Two + The Ultimate Cous Cous Salad

2016-04-17 03.59.35 1.jpg

If you happen to live alone, you will know that there’s never a perfect way of cooking for one. You just don’t. Cooking for one simply doesn’t exist, you know the voice inside your head will always encourage you to pour a little bit more of what you are cooking just in case.. Continue reading

The Vegan Burger

2016-01-30 03.48.26 1.jpg

Last week I was craving a burger so bad. And I think it was because I’ve been watching too many videos of “what I eat in a day” on YouTube, which have become a must lately. I’ve been so inspired by them, and slowly but steady I’ve been gravitating into a more healthy and rich lifestyle..  Continue reading