What I Got For Christmas

christmas beauty haul

So, I didn´t ask for much this Christmas. I still have a lot of skincare to go through, so just wanted to keep things very minimal.. Continue reading


My New & Other Stories Earrings

& other stories earrings

The reason I didn’t tell you about these before is that as soon as I got them, I put them on and forgot. That´s how comfortable they are. This earrings are seriously a minimalist golden dream, little studs adorning my ears since august this year and not seeing them leaving me anytime soon… Continue reading

Yves Rocher Energyzing Mask Review

yves rocher new energyzing mask skincare

Well, I´m becoming a bit of a leave in masks lover. I´ve been reaching for them more than I ever have, and my skin is more than pleased. Maybe is just because I don´t own a night cream (big rookie mistake right here), I love lathering a thick layer of whatever mask I have around.. Continue reading