2018 Beauty Favorites

beauty favorites

I was thinking if this post had actually sense, since it´s already February (like how is that even possible??). But then someone told me my blog looked lovely and it was the ego induced push I needed to start writing again. Yes, this is a beauty favourites 2018 round up, two months later, but with all the good stuff… Continue reading


A Bit Of A Different Mindset

life update personal

For the last few months I´ve been thinking like.. a lot; about growin up, changes, goals and life. Wanting to do something else but never been the right moment.. Continue reading

My New & Other Stories Earrings

& other stories earrings

The reason I didn’t tell you about these before is that as soon as I got them, I put them on and forgot. That´s how comfortable they are. This earrings are seriously a minimalist golden dream, little studs adorning my ears since august this year and not seeing them leaving me anytime soon… Continue reading