Huge & Other Stories Beauty Haul

and other stories beauty

It´s been a minute since NYE and we´re already talking about February. Yes, I can also not process where all this time went but truth is, my mind is already set in the warmer days.. Continue reading

What I Got For Christmas: My Favourites

what i got for christmas 2020 beauty haul

Second week of January, check. Don´t mind my betterlatethannever Christmas haul, but you know, the holidays blues were strong and everything rolled the other way round.. Continue reading

Testing Lately: 100% Pure Rosehip Oil

pure rosehip oil

Last week was the first day of November it finally smelled like Christmas. Please don´t make me describe what Christmas smells like because if you know, you know. It´s also that time of the year where my skin loves some extra attention, when it gets dry and itchy, red and just wants some all over pamper..  Continue reading

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

mac ruby woo lipstick

My morning routine doesn´t consist on much. Wake up, open the windows to a chilled breeze, bread with jam and a careless social media scroll. Everything is usually very slow, no skipping heartbeats among the latest TV gossip. However, I must confess, I´ve been watching on loop the dance, which was all over twitter and Instagram, impossible to avoid, and glad I came across…

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