Mango Home Favourites

Since I moved more than a year ago I’ve been obsessed with home decor, more specifically with bedroom wear. And I know, there’s only too many sheets one can have, duvet covers, pillow cases..

But I can’t help myself, because I love them all. For my duvet covers I love little floral designs (currently obsessing over this one) and also plain one like this one. I think bedding makes such a difference between a room and a I love spending time here room. And even if I don’t get to spend too much time on my place, it’s always nice to get home to a pretty bed.

Pastel colours are my go to, anything to make the space look bigger and cozy, one I can imagine myself being in Italy during summer. I have an eye on this beautiful mauve fitted sheet, and FYI I don’t use flat sheets.

I don’t think there’s such a “too many pillows/cushion” thing, I want them all. And unlike with my bedding, I do like a bit of funk with my cushion covers, adding colours and textures like this green one or this deep blue cover.

This basket is great for organising, and I can’t stop thinking about these pumpkin coasters, they are just too cute.



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