New Haircare Additions

christophe robin hair scrub ouai oil

On my journey to healthy scalp I’ve been obsessing over oils and scrubs badly. Kid you not I will spend hours at my local drugstore reading all of the labels and searching for the good stuff..

I have really itchy sensitive scalp, I think it usually has a lot to do with stress (I’m that stressed-stress gal) and been trying to take action from the moment I start noticing it. It can be itchy, flacky and scabby; I’m really very lucky, yes. I try to oil my hair once a week with a mix of argan and rosemary oil, and then do a scalp scrub. I’m currently using this Christophe Robin Purifying Salt Scrub recommended by my sister who also uses this. I love how this lathers, I just scoop an almond size amount onto my hands, rub within and then start making my way into my head. It’s not clumpy, feels so good on the scalp and has a lemon-y scent.

It does leave my hair super clean and good thing is it doesn’t strip out any excess moisture. In any case, I’d reach out for the Ouai Hair Oil, which I don’t usually like finishing hair oils but this one feels so light it’d be rude not to.



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