My New PDPaola Rings


To some is about perfume, to me, wearing some weight on my fingers makes me feel fully dressed. I didn´t really have to learn, it was something I saw everyday on my mother, probably the only real influencer of my life..

Her wedding ring, the eternal ring on her right hand always shared some place for many other ones that came and go. Unlike my mom, who likes to mingle silver and gold, I´m more of a gold person these days. Obsessed with making my hands look as delicate as possible, there´s a pattern my eyes look for when looking for rings: gold, fine and small details.

These two from PDPaola are all that. I just can´t stop looking at them, silver plated gold vermeil dreams come true. They sit so beautifully on my fingers, I´m quite obsessed to be honest. I´ve been loving wearing one on my thumb and the other one on my middle finger, and can easily spot me staring at the reflection of my hands.

I just think they pull together any look, even if I´m just home staying I feel better with them on. Call me crazy.



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