Two Glossier Products I Love

glossier haul exfoliating bar balm dot com

It´s pink, but it works. It´s almost like I bought this product just because it looks good (girl, I did it) but how could you possibly say no to these beautifully packed things..

I mean I could buy everything Glossier just because. Just because it looks good on my bathroom self, just because it looks like a little piece of decor, just because I´ve seen too many youtube videos about cool girls living in New York that perfectly match the Glossier vibe. What´s that vibe about? I. Don´t. Even. Know. When you see it, you just know.

It´s not easy to get hold of anything Glossier in Spain (they don´t ship here yet) but my sister lives in Ireland and acts like sister/supplier part time. The Body Hero Exfoliating Bar was on my wishlist for so long and the reviews did not disappoint. It´s gentle but scrubby, and does not make a mess on the shower. Love that it leaves my skin soft and the floral scent, not to heavy for me. I was already hooked to their balms, and this Mango Balm Dotcom was just more of the good stuff but with a different scent. Love the rose one and love this one. Probably one of the best lip-balms I´ve ever tried.

I only wish it was easier to get Glossier : (


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