Three Post Beach Essentials

Long day at the beach, salty hair, sand-y skin, the ice cream in the way home and the butterflies before the shower to take off the day; cheesy but could sum up my feelings on summer..

I know it can be controversial to exfoliate after catching up on some sun, but I love this & Other Stories Riviera Postcard scrub. It smells like a warm summer day, lemon with vanilla hues; JUST DREAMY. I also have the body oil but is not featured here, if you have the opportunity try it as well, you’re welcome.

Onto hair, this Phyto Detox Mask was my sister’s purchase which she raved about so much I just had to try it. I suffer from a bit of dandruff and itchy scalp and this is the perfect pre-shampooing mask to balance things up. Another must.

For my face, I love keeping things real simple when the weather gets warmer. I feel lazy with my skincare, so streamlining my routine helps a lot. After cleaning, I just apply a few drops of The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics for extra hydration and follow with my moisturiser. Happy skin.


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