Little Kiko Milano Haul

kiko milano makeup haul cc cream lip volume gloss

Summer in Madrid like walking into the center of the earth and knowing it will never be a good idea. But if you imagine the center of the earth like me, an idyllic place were you´d find exotic creatures and a lonely island, it doesn´t seem so bad..

I kind of like Madrid in July and August, it´s one of those times when you can enjoy the city -not too crowded and everything working almost as usual. Yes, it´s the perfect time to shop, and I do it too well to miss the oportunity. I didn´t even need anything from Kiko (what does “need” mean anyways?) but I eventually stepped out from the store with these two beauties.

I saw a girl form instagram raving about this Kiko Lip Volume gloss in transparent with pumping effect and decided to try it. I was lucky and got the last one on the store; opened, tried it and liked it. A bit tingly, I don´t think it makes much difference (nothing near to hyaluronics) but my lips look good and hydrated, so I guess less is more. The Skin Trainer CC Cream is so interesting, it melts on the skin to a semi matte finish (despite the description) and basically evens the skin tone. I like it.

Safe to say I will be out of the city for next few weeks and I´m so looking forward to it, I´ll be bringing these to with me, along with a pair of bikinis. I really don´t think I need much else.


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