Clarins Instant Concealer Review

Clarins concealer makeup natural

Being on a writers block sucks and that sums up what my life looks right now. Don’t you sometimes feel like you are doing everything you can towards your goals but they seem too far away? Because same.

I’ve been so into Pinterest lately, craving that inspiration that comes and goes. Like I can’t understand those kind of people that aren’t inspired by going through lots of pics, quotes whatsoever. Anyhow, I just wanted to share some thoughts and tell you about Pinterest but also about this Clarins Instant Concealer which has been an staple on my makeup bag. Smooth, right?

I was converted to my Nars Creamy Concealer, but it in the end I realised it highlights more than it conceals. So now, my routine looks like this: Clarins Instant concealer in light (such a perfect match for me) under my eyes, around my nose and any other places that need some coverage. Nars Creamy Concealer just in the inner corner of my eyes, it makes such a difference and brightens my eyes so much.

I feel like this is the perfect combo, and also my face does not feel heavy after applying the products -good point during summer.


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