Thoughts On Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray

mario badescu facial spray

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved facial mists. Don’t know why, it has just been a necessary step in my routine, until I started using Pixi’s Glowtonic which kind of pushed away any other liquids on my routine..

I know it’s a controversial topic, but in my mind a good mist puts my skin on a good mood. It moisturises, refreshes, feels good at any time. Mario Badescu has always been a brand that caught my eye, and my sister got me one of their Facial Sprays with Aloe Vera and Chamomile to try. I can’t say I adore it, I feel like it could be something better. The spray is too harsh, not making it a relaxing ritual at all -didn’t like that. It is scented, so beware sensitive skins. I didn’t mind that much, it’s a fresh scent, nothing too on the nose. The product itself, I’m still doubting. I really don’t feel it moisturises my skin that much, and even sometimes I feel it does just the opposite. I use this on its own, or sometimes mixing it up with my hyaluronic acid.

I’m sure there are better options out there if you’re looking for a facial mist, even some thermal water like the one from Avene.


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