Clinique High Impact Mascara Rewiew

clinique high impact mascara

I can’t stop thinking about a tweet that said: why do mascara ads always somehow relate to sex? Benefit better than sex I’m looking right at you. I mean, is it possible that, maybe, hipothetically, having your lashes on point could give you the same feeling?

Of course we could argue about this for too long, and I honestly think it makes a really good topic. Because, I can’t deny having my lashes long, curved and thick makes me feel sort of powerful -I’m guessing this is what people that wear eyeliner must feel. Well, the Clinique High Impact mascara is just all of that. I already have long curved lashes, but this mascara gives me the exact thing to enhance what I already own. Like a CC cream but for lashes.

I love the brush, thick and long so that I only need one -sometimes two if I’m feeling extra- coat for that ba-ba-boom eye look. Love it. On the other side, although this mascara is not waterproof I swear it doesn’t smudge nor move if I don’t use heavy makeup remover. Good for long days or nights but a bit of a hustle to take it off.


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