My Two Favourite Clay Masks

Because I don´t mind slapping on any kind of product on my face or body, doing a clay mask is just fun for me. I know it can be messy sometimes, and I do feel lazy any other day, but I deep down know a clay mask will not only cleanse my face but also my mind..

I find masking quite therapeutic, from mixing the clay to the application, it feels like a ritual for me. I usually mix the clay with water on my hand, until it has a mud-y texture. Then, with the help of a foundation brush I slather it on my face -sometimes I use my hands as well. If I feel like my skin needs a deep cleanse, then I´d use the green clay. If my skin is more on the dull side, I would use the red clay. I love both and sometimes when I´m feeling really extra I do green followed by red.

Honestly, red clay has been such a discovery for me, I had never tried it before and now I don´t think I could live without it. It´s so gentle, not itchy at all and suitable for sensitive skin. It moisturises and soothes, my skin loves it.


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