And Other Stories Riviera Postcard Bath and Body

and other stories bath and body

In case there where not enough things to balance, I’ve added moisturise to the list. Not visage care, but often neglected body care. And while my current skincare routine stops at my neck, I’m determined to make it a routine for 2021..

Get off the shower and apply moisturiser will be the first battle -prize: silk-to-touch skin. The & Other Stories Riviera Postcard body cream makes an easy approach, a couple of pumps hip to toe and you’re good to go. Lemon based, pineapple and vanilla hues makes the perfect scent for those who don’t appreciate strong scents (like me) but still want to smell like something in a very –very– good way. The body scrub is lush, turning a simple shower into a total spa experience (you wanna use it once a week for optimum results).


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